Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Such a classic.

Here we have King Geedorah, a.k.a. Metal Fingers, Zev Love X, and more notably, the infamous M.F. Doom.

This album, Take Me To Your Leader, features emcees such as Mr. Fantastik, Biolante, and the man himself, MF Doom. The indistinguishable combination of Doom's sampling skills mixed with a diverse selection of emcees, not to mention the humorously decorative vocal samples, proves to be effective with this highly entertaining album.

Fix your ears on the 8th track on this album "Anti-Matter." This lovely duet feaures Mr. Fantastik and Doom, truly a dynamic duo.

I know how much Primo hates people exposing his samples, but i can't resist. Doom and Dj Premiere both sampled the "Dark Shadows Theme" from Bob Cobert's House of Dark Shadows for their beats.

Here's "The Militia" off Gang Starr's Moment of Truth.

Plus King Geedorah's "The Final Hour."

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