Monday, July 28, 2008

Kid Koala is a master of turntablism. His scratching can be heard on a million tight projects: Lovage, Deltron 3030, and even the Gorillaz.

Do yourself a favor and listen to my favorite two albums below.

You gotta appreciate Kid Koala's sense of humor. The hip hop industry is cluttered with egotism and, for lack of better words, bullshit. Relax and enjoy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Check out the track "Confessions." A few years back, DJs Cappel and Smitty released Blue Eyes meets Bed Stuy: The Notorious B.I.G and Frank Sinatra Mixtape. Click here to download

The second track on the album, a "Day in the Life of a Fool" remix, is super dope and happens to use the same sample as Milfold Reynolds' aforementioned track "Confessions."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Typical snacks...

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I've remained unfamiliar with these guys for way too long. Seems like a solid hip hop group is pretty hard to come by. Thank god that the Typical Cats' self-titled album offers a seven year old breath of fresh air.

For all the samplers out there, get a load of of DJ Natural's snazzy jazzy cuts. Producers that can consistently show that they have developed a personal beat making style deserve respect. The fresh beats are accompanied by Denizen Kane, Qwel and Qwazaar, all of whom (including Natural) hail from Chicago.

Their second album, Civil Service, is a tasty morsel. Once again a listener will be confronted by solid sample-driven beats, a range of tempos, some smooth word work and the occasional sample from Common Sense's Resurrection.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Such a classic.

Here we have King Geedorah, a.k.a. Metal Fingers, Zev Love X, and more notably, the infamous M.F. Doom.

This album, Take Me To Your Leader, features emcees such as Mr. Fantastik, Biolante, and the man himself, MF Doom. The indistinguishable combination of Doom's sampling skills mixed with a diverse selection of emcees, not to mention the humorously decorative vocal samples, proves to be effective with this highly entertaining album.

Fix your ears on the 8th track on this album "Anti-Matter." This lovely duet feaures Mr. Fantastik and Doom, truly a dynamic duo.

I know how much Primo hates people exposing his samples, but i can't resist. Doom and Dj Premiere both sampled the "Dark Shadows Theme" from Bob Cobert's House of Dark Shadows for their beats.

Here's "The Militia" off Gang Starr's Moment of Truth.

Plus King Geedorah's "The Final Hour."

So Much Sauce

Check out Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician. This Ohio-based artist has has been featured on Adult Swim's "Samurai Champloo. His beats are fresh, this guy really knows how to put it together. Take a look at the link below to peep his album "Lightweight Heavy" at

I particularly got a kick out of this remix Fat Jon put together using Nas' "One Love" over Nujabes' beat "Mystline."

I noticed that Nujabes used the same sample as in "In Memory Of," one of Gangstarr's tracks from Moment of Truth.

Both artists, however, sampled Paul Horn's song "Here's that Rainy Day." Click here to hear the original sample.